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Author: Eliana Saidel

Where is Obama? What Presidents Do After Their Terms

Slider image courtesy of Wikipedia. As the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration approaches and the Obama era fades further into the past, Americans nationwide find themselves asking: But where did he go? Our presidents live in the spotlight during their time in the White House, but what happens when they leave? What does a president do once they are no longer the leader of the free world? Legally, once a president’s term is completed, what they do with their future is their own decision. The Former Presidents Act, passed by Congress in 1958, guarantees annual pension, Secret Service...

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Blurring the Line Between Fiction and Fact: How to Approach Historical Fiction

Slider image courtesy of Wikepedia. Fiction and fact are separated by a thin line — one that the entertainment industry likes to blur. Sacrificing factual accuracy for the sake of juicy stories and high ratings is not viewed as completely unreasonable, and it’s done across the board. Historical fiction is often trusted blindly by the public simply because it’s labeled as “historical”; a dangerous trap to fall into if the fiction outweighs the fact. It is important to remember that historical fiction requires a delicate balance of fact, fiction, and a level of awareness from the consumers themselves that...

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17 Months of Planning Leads to Nothing: International Jewry Reacts to Lack of Change at the Western Wall

The Western Wall, one of the most famous Jewish historical sites in the world, was at the center of attention once more as the international Jewish community responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he pulled out of talks to expand the egalitarian section of the Wall this past June. Since the day Jerusalem was reunified, the Western Wall has served as a beacon of prayer and meaning for Jews worldwide, regardless of denomination or gender. However, because the Wall is managed by the Orthodox Rabbinate, it is setup to abide by their principles and practices. This means...

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Changing Disney for a Changing World – Junior Eliana Saidel Reviews Beauty and the Beast

Slider image courtesy of Pinterest. For a tale as old as time, Disney’s new live action remake of Beauty and the Beast directed by Bill Condon has a fresh new face. Equipped with a fantastic cast, creative crew, and music that makes it impossible to resist singing along, Beauty and the Beast waltzed into theaters and enchanted audiences nationwide. However, this remake was not exactly as true as it could be.   Disney’s original version of the film from 1991 is a timeless classic that has captivated audiences of all ages. Despite its timeless appeal, there were those who...

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The Persistent Reality of Fake News

In a world where the entirety of human knowledge lies at our fingertips and where information travels faster than ever before, the media and news outlets worldwide have take up a special burden. Even a century ago, when news was still spread by means of physical newspapers, the media had a special task in society: to bring unbiased and unadulterated facts to the public, and the facts only. While it is true that there seems to be an abundance of fake news surfacing today, this is not a new phenomenon – we, as a society, have been dealing with...

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