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Author: Sagi Rudnick

She’s Not In Unless He’s Out: Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Won’t Make Sequel Unless Producer Quits

Illustration in slider by Tehilla Siboni. Israeli “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot is taking a stand against sexual harassment of women. She reportedly will not agree to make a “Wonder Woman” sequel unless producer Brett Ratner resigns in light of sexual harassment allegations against him. On Nov. 2, the day after these allegations were brought, Warner Bros., the entertainment company producing “Wonder Woman,” cut ties with Ratner. They did this by removing him as a producer on its major upcoming project, The Goldfinch. Ratner is an influential director and producer at Warner Bros., known for directing the Rush Hour...

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U.S. Pulls Out Of UNESCO, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

Slider image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. On Thursday, Oct. 12, the United States withdrew from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) due to perceived anti-Israel bias. UNESCO is responsible for coordinating international cooperation in the areas of education, science, culture, and communication and is also tasked with strengthening ties between nations and societies. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the decision to withdraw from the organization, and he has instructed Israel’s Foreign Ministry to prepare Israel’s withdrawal from UNESCO alongside the U.S. In an official Facebook post, Netanyahu lauded the move, calling it “a courageous and...

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Tensions Peak As North Korean Missile Reaches 480 Mile Heights

Slider image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Early morning on Aug. 29,  a significant development occurred concerning North Korea’s desire to attain a nuclear weapon. Pyongyang conducted one of its most serious missile tests to date, firing a ballistic projectile directly over Japan. This missile flew roughly 1,678 miles, reaching up to 342 miles in the sky. The launch presented a significant threat to Japan, prompting Japanese officials to warn residents near the missile’s trajectory to take cover. Officials also interrupted public television programming with a breaking news update of the missile’s flight over the country. “North Korea’s reckless action...

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Kitniyot: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Slider photo by Wikimedia Commons. Kitniyot is a Hebrew word which generally means legumes. During Passover, the word kitniyot takes on a broader meaning to include foods that may not be eaten according to traditional Ashkenazi laws and customs. However, the practice of refraining from eating kitniyot on Passover is not observed by Sephardic Jews, or Ashkenazi Jews who have adopted Sephardic customs. Certain minhagim, or traditions, and recent rulings have have provided the Jewish community with certain exceptions for the ban on  kitniyot. According to the Passover tradition, kitniyot include legumes, but also grains and seeds, such as...

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Our Role in Helping Refugees as Americans and Jews

Slider image from Imagine being forced to run away from home in order to be safe. If you are lucky, you would have time to pack a bag. If not, you would simply have to drop everything and run. The world today is in the midst of a refugee crisis. According to the United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency, there are currently 65.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. There are also 10 million people who have been denied a nationality and access to education, healthcare, and employment, among other basic rights. Every day, 32,972 people are forced to flee...

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