Co-Editor-in-Chief Eliana Schuster is a Senior and a 4-year RampageWired writer/editor. She previously served as the Assistant Editor in Chief and the Jewish Life Editor. Hiking, reading, and playing guitar are some of her favorite ways to spend her free time, and of her bucket list items is to visit all 59 of America’s National Parks. Eliana is looking forward to an incredible year of articles and so much more!
Co-Editor-in-Chief Eliana Saidel is a Senior and is rounding out her fifth year at HBHA. She is beyond excited for her fourth year on the RampageWired staff and can’t wait to see all the amazing things the staff writes this year, covering everything from local news to international-scale stories, to A&E reviews (her personal favorite). You can often find her listening to music, playing with her dog, Lucy, or eating peanut butter, her favorite food.
Assistant Editor-in-Chief and News Editor Sagi Rudnick is a Junior and has been a student at HBHA since kindergarten. This is his third year being a part of the RampageWired staff and is beyond excited to assume the leadership role of Assistant Editor in Chief this year! He looks forward to another year of awesome stories! GO RAMPAGE!
Webmaster James Mendel is a Junior and has been attending HBHA since kindergarten. He is part of the CAPS Engineering strand in order to fuel his future career. He is excited for a new year of publications with smooth sailing along the way. Speaking of sailing, every weekend James sails a U20 competitively at the Perry Yacht Club. 
Photo Editor Jared Schultz is a Junior who has been attending HBHA since kindergarten. This is his third year working for RampageWired. Jared’s favorite animal is a red panda. He would love to have one because they are so cute and fuzzy and way more adorable than a normal panda. Jared is excited to work on RampageWired for another year!

Features Editor Haidee Clauer is a Senior and 4-year publications student at HBHA. Previously, she served as the Opinion/Editorial Editor and Arts/Entertainment Editor for the Rampage. Haidee is excited to work with her Features co-Editors and contribute to a fantastic year on RampageWired!

Features Editor Mirra Goldenberg is a Sophomore working on RampageWired for her second year. She is excited to be a Features section editor and hopes to bring lots of fun and interesting articles to the paper. She enjoys sewing in her free time and her favorite types of food are fruit and ice cream.
Features Editor Ayelet Schuster is a Sophomore, and this is her second year working on RampageWired. This year she will be a Features section editor, and she cannot wait to see all the amazing articles written for Rampage this year. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog, and her favorite foods are avocados and twizzlers.
Jewish Life Editor Kayla Goldenberg is a Senior, and this is her fourth year working on the RampageWired. This year as Jewish Life Editor, she hopes to bring in exciting and meaningful pieces about not only her Jewish community but Jews in a national and worldwide lens. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, eating popcorn, and being outside!
Sports Editor Gabrielle Abrams is a Senior and working on the RampageWried for her 4th year. She loves cheering on her local Kansas City sports teams, especially the KU Jayhawks, and she is so excited to share a plethora of sports related articles this year.
Opinion Editor Julia Paul is a Senior, and this is her fourth year on the publications team! She loves watching tasty videos, taking buzzfeed quizzes, and of course, she is ecstatic about being Opinion Section Editor this year. She knows this is going to be a year for the books!
Arts and Entertainment Editor Sara Saidel is a Sophomore and is excited to be going into her fifth year at HBHA. This her second year working on the RampageWired,  and she is looking forward to a great year of writing! In her free time Sara enjoys playing/listening to music, going to USY and of course watching Netflix while eating her favorite food: sweet-n-sour chicken.
Cub: Austin Klinock is a Junior, has been attending HBHA since second grade. He is completely ecstatic about his first year in Publications! He has a great passion for music and creative writing, and can’t wait to make his own unique contributions to both the yearbook and Rampage.
Cub: Josh Kolkin is a Junior at HBHA. He has been attending school for 12 years now and is a newcomer to Publications. He is beyond excited to be a part of this team and very happy to be incorporating new ideas for the Rampage and yearbook.
Cub: Ilana Fingersh is a Freshman, and she has been going to HBHA since kindergarten. This is her first semester in Publications, and she can’t wait to get started writing articles! Ilana loves playing HBHA sports, such as cross country, basketball and soccer. She is looking forward to the next four years of high school!
Cub: Anna Clauer is a Freshman at HBHA. This is her first year in Publications, and she is excited to write articles. She has been going to HBHA for 10 years, and she loves to read and write. Some of her hobbies include doing sports such as cross country, basketball, and soccer, and she loves drawing and playing piano.
Cub: Abbie Davis is a Freshman, and she is very excited to write for the RampageWired this year. She has been going to HBHA since 4th grade, and loves playing sports. She is looking forward to being in Publications for her first year.
Cub: Nina Schultz is a Freshman in high school. She has been going to HBHA since kindergarten and is very close with her classmates. She is new to publications and is looking forward to all the responsibility and opportunities it will provide for her.
Cub: Abby Kreisler is a Freshman, and this is her tenth year attending HBHA. She loves playing sports and doing anything with her 7 classmates. This is her first year in publications, and she can’t wait to begin writing!
Cub: Tehilla Siboni has been attending HBHA for a year now. She is currently a Sophomore and in her first semester of Publications. With writing and reading being her favorite subjects, publications seemed a great way to work and strengthen them. She hopes to bring her ideas and color to the school newspaper.